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About BHR


In 1964, a group of independently owned and operated real estate brokerage offices in the Walnut Creek, California area commenced doing business under the name BETTER HOMES REALTY. In August 1969, after several years of growth, they incorporated under the Franchisor’s former name Bethom Corporation. The red, white and blue shield BETTER HOMES trademark shield, in existence since the founding of Franchisor, became the official trade identification. With the incorporation of Franchisor, the other professional real estate people in the Walnut Creek area began to join the firm. By the end of 1969, the office had grown to 10 brokers.

The sales volume generated by this original group of brokers, and their cooperative teamwork, became well known in the local community. In early 1972, two groups of Realtors and sales people in Lafayette and Danville were forming offices and approached Franchisor for inclusion under its already-recognized BETTER HOMES REALTY name and trademark; these offices became Franchisor’s first licensees. By 1975, the number of offices using the BETTER HOMES REALTY name had grown to Franchisor’s nine Contra Costa County locations in Concord, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, Alamo, Danville and Lafayette.

It became evident that the BETTER HOMES REALTY network was ready to expand. In 1975, a Franchise License was obtained and Franchisor began offering the BETTER HOMES REALTY identity and concept to others throughout Northern and Southern California. In 1976, Franchisor was registered with the U.S. Department of Commerce and in 1979, became registered in California under the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular requirements. A federal trademark registration was completed on September 15, 1981.

In order to enhance Franchisor’s continued growth, Franchisor became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western States Servicing Corporation on July 8, 1983. On September 30, 1989, all shares of Western State Servicing Corporation was acquired by Sutter Mortgage Corporation.

On January 31,1989, Franchisor’s Articles of Incorporation were amended to change its name from Bethom Corporation to Better Homes Realty, Incorporated.

Better Homes’ only business has been the sale and support of BETTER HOMES REALTY franchises. We have been selling and supporting BETTER HOMES REALTY franchises for 36 years. Neither Better Homes nor any predecessor or affiliate has ever offered any other franchise.